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Talent Shows

Everyone brings unique skills to the company they work with. Celebrating those skills and how they can assist in a culture of safety is what THEY improv's Talent Shows are all about. Simply ask us how our talent shows can bring your culture of safety to new heights!

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Everyone's Got Talent

The most flexible form of talent show, Everyone's Got Talent allows people to choose their own special ability or something from their past to show off with. It can be a skill, an odd trait or maybe some form of show piece. Likewise, people can get credit for being a supporting performer for someone else's talent.


Singing Showcase

Similar to any of the TV equivalents, this is a singing showcase show where people can sing, lip sync or othersize display their musical talent. Often this is accompanied by a panel of judges that use comedy while rating the performances. It bonds people and maintains structure to the event.


Dancing With Management

Individuals, duos and groups strut their stuff in our version of popular television dancing shows.  Learn more about the skills developed while participants dance the light fantastic in front of our humorous judges. And to dance in boots or with two left feet, safety procedures need to be followed.

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The Work-Off

This is a talent show designed to utilize elements from work in their fun. For example, think of lumberjacks competing to cut down a tree the fastest. Similarly we utilize simple tasks, especially those involving safety, and determine winners. Of course no winner can provide substandard work.

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Now We're Cooking

Our version of the popular cooking programs allows for a variety of cooking options. This can be anything from ingredient challenges to recipe drills to creative techniques. Likewise, this can include a class and often involves safety concerns for the kitchen.

Talent shows allow people to share more about themselves and enhance the bonding of employees. One of the first rules of safety is to care for others. You take extra precautions to be safe not only because your life depends on it, but the life and livelihood of others as well. We want employees to see each other as valuable and vibrant people that should motivate people to be safe.

With a wide selection of options, we can help to entertain your group while getting them to know each other better. Whether it's singing, playing instruments, juggling or just about anything else, a talent show helps your employees to bond through a shared enjoyable experience.

For various safety procedures, we can have contests that pit employees against one another competing to be the safest employee. Prizes are given and emphasis is being shown for the value put on safety training.

These programs are available to help with companies in a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Fishing & Maritime, Prisons & Corrections, Military, Contractors, Police and Security. We have worked with over half the Fortune 500, in all 50 states, are registered with the System for Award Management (SAMs) Database for work with the Federal Government as well as with several state governments.

This site was created to inform our clients about our services in this specialty. The pages contain information about the types of services offered and some of the potential benefits that can be gained. These programs are not a replacement for OSHA and other mandated programs and are simply designed to assist in the creation of a culture of safety. Nothing can replace the will of the company, however, and it can’t be stressed enough that success requires a full commitment on behalf of a company and management to safety protocols at all levels.

Contact THEY improv by calling 866-219-4386 or send an email to info@theysafetytraining.com to discuss your needs and how THEY improv can help you meet your safety goals through their supplemental programs.


"We got 10 teams through their songs in one hour. The 3 improv judges, as prompted by Andy as MC, were very funny and provided that 'over the top' touch."



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