THEY improv provides safety training for the air and space industry. In workplaces surrounded by danger, creating a culture of safety requires a strong commitment at every level of an organization and has to go well beyond government regulations and industry standards.

Being safe and reducing accidents is good for everyone involved. The employees remain safe, the company saves money, management can protect their people and everyone can feel good about protecting the community at large.

Safety training in the air and space industry has helped to keep passengers and cargo flying while the employees in the workplaces have been protected as never before. THEY improv has worked with over half of the Fortune 500 companies to meet their entertainment and team building needs and are now working to supplement safety training programs with entertainment and workshops that are designed to help solidify mandated programs and to bond employees to one another as they collaborate in the creation of a culture of safety.

Aerospace is a combination of both traditional technology and manufacturing as well as the latest technology and space age techniques. This means that the employees involved in the industry range from the most basic luggage carrier to rocket scientist. Further, they are usually subject to situations that are not germane to their own tasks. For example, baggage handlers are often around jet engines, computer technicians might be around environmental equipment, pilots move through most any range of equipment and rocket scientists might be on the gantry. From fueling to electrical wiring to lifting of heavy equipment. Maintaining a culture of safety is absolutely vital to keeping employees safe as well as for the safety of passengers.

This site was created to inform our clients about our services in this specialty. The pages contain information about the types of services offered and some of the potential benefits that can be gained. These programs are not a replacement for OSHA and other mandated programs and are simply designed to assist in the creation of a culture of safety. Nothing can replace the will of the company, however, and it can’t be stressed enough that success requires a full commitment on behalf of a company and management to safety protocols at all levels.

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We have been proud to call over half of the Fortune 500 our clients.
In 2018, we called 9 out of the top 10 Fortune 500 Companies our clients.
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