Our company began in entertainment providing events for charities and then Fortune 500 companies. From humble beginnings, THEY have now performed for over half of the Fortune 500 and is one of the largest such companies in the country. 

We provide many programs to help keep your employees fresh and to help them learn how to overcome stress and to emphasize a culture of safety. We hope that you might utilize our services.

This page was created to provide ease of navigation through our website. It has a link to each page that we have. Feel free to use these links to find the information you are looking for, or feel free to call.

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Oil & Gas Industry Safety
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These are for different locations: Locations
Alabama Safety Training
Alaska Safety Training
California Safety Training
Florida Safety Training
Gulf Coast Safety Training
Hawaii Safety Training
Louisiana Safety Training
Midwest Safety Training
Mississippi Safety Training
Northeast Safety Training
Texas Safety Training

These programs are available to help with companies in a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Fishing & Maritime, Prisons & Corrections, Military, Contractors, Police and Security. We have worked with over half the Fortune 500, in all 50 states, are registered with the System for Award Management (SAMs) Database for work with the Federal Government as well as with several state governments.

Contact THEY improv by calling 866-219-4386 or send an email to to discuss your needs and how THEY improv can help you meet your safety goals through their supplemental programs.

Just a Few of Our Clients

We have been proud to call over half of the Fortune 500 our clients.
In 2018, we called 9 out of the top 10 Fortune 500 Companies our clients.
Shouldn't you want to be on our list of clients as well?

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