Military and Contractor safety training is vital for people both in the service and those contractors who have been hired to perform some of the duties more traditionally assigned to military personnel. Everyone knows that our military accepts a certain amount of risk in what they do. However, when there are ways to structurally reduce the risk, we should. We can help to create a culture of safety requiring a strong commitment at every level of an organization and can go a long way to make our men and women safer.

Being safe and reducing accidents is good for everyone involved. The soldiers or contracted employees remain safe, the government saves money, and the greatest military the world has ever seen can continue to operate at readiness levels.

THEY improv has worked with all of the branches of the military and over half of the Fortune 500 companies to meet their entertainment and team building needs and are now working to supplement safety training programs with entertainment and workshops that are designed to help solidify a culture of safety and to bond soldiers to one another to strengthen their commitment to protect one another from all types of hazards.

Each branch has their own issues. The Army is on the ground and one on one with enemy combatants and civilians alike. The Marines have to take control of situations immediately. The Navy is usually in large communities at sea with singular purose. The Air Force has technical requirements and a need for rigid protocols. The Coast Guard risks it all to save lives.

The military is inherently dangerous. With a variety of environments and levels of security, there are a large numbers of dangers. These are not only from enemies in combat, but often can be the result of a failure resulting in friendly fire. Likewise, often casualties come from transportation failures rather than combat. Maintaining vigilance in an environment that often becomes routine or overwhelming can be difficult. Likewise, it is difficult to train other than on the job with real-world situations. With role play, THEY improv can help ease the transition for new staff as well as to help break down situations to reduce potentially damaging errors in prisoner management. Likewise, by getting team members to laugh, we can reduce the stress and help make the overwhelming achievable.

Status is also an extremely important element of maintaining authority over subordinates. As it happens, status is fundamental to the improv world and so the lessons learned can prove to be quite useful to those active in dealing with subordinates, civilians in a combat zone and prisoners. Positioning oneself as an authority can dissuade others from attempting to challenge that authority and that can be beneficial in a combat situation.

This site was created to inform our clients about how we can help but not how we can replace current programs. We are meant to supplement safety training and help to maintain and retain the information learned through other programs.

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