Creating a culture of safety requires not only that people attend safety training, but that they remain attentive and actually learn the information.

THEY improv has generated a series of comedy show options to help bond employees, to increase attentiveness, to entertain while reinforcing other programs and to bolster the importance of safety in the operation of facilities.

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THEY improv Safety Training Comedy Shows

Supplemental Entertainment Through Comedy Shows to Enhance a Culture of Safety

While certainly there is nothing funny about creating a safe work environment, utilizing comedy techniques in safety training can help retention of information and attention to lectures. THEY improv has entertained over half of the Fortune 500 companies and now brings those skills to assist and enhance safety training programs. With unique programs whose focus is normally entertainment, employees generally pay more attention to our programs and we use that to your advantage. We gain the attention of employees and can then instill more of a culture of safety or even reinforce knowledge as contests.

While we have an extreme number of comedy show options, including a varying amount of interactions with your group. We have everything from Improv Comedy (similar to TV's Whose Line Is It Anyway?), Sketches (which can be written to get across specific ideas), Stand-up (for more traditional choices), Comedy Training (where we teach your people how to amuse) and roasts (to celebrate one of your people).

The general concept for a comedy show is to entertain your group and to wake up your people making them more open to the concepts you might want to teach with your safety training programs. 

This site was created to inform our clients about our services in this specialty. The pages contain information about the types of services offered and some of the potential benefits that can be gained. These programs are not a replacement for OSHA and other mandated programs and are simply designed to assist in the creation of a culture of safety. Nothing can replace the will of the company, however, and it can’t be stressed enough that success requires a full commitment on behalf of a company and management to safety protocols at all levels.

Contact THEY improv by calling 866-219-4386 or send an email to to discuss your needs and how THEY improv can help you meet your safety goals through their supplemental programs.